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Mayor's Office Updates

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Because of the cancellation of the June DRNC board meeting, here are some recent updates from Mayor Garcetti's office:

1. New watering restrictions for DWP customers are now live. For more info visit

  • Based on the last number of your street address, your watering days are as follows:

    • Odd: Mondays and Fridays

    • Even: Thursdays and Sundays

2. Mayor Garcetti has signed a declaration of local emergency on baby formula shortage.

  • This will ensure we can react appropriately as a City to this extremely important issue.

3. Impact of the Summit of the Americas June 6-10:

  • While the impact is mostly in the Downtown LA area, there will be some effect on areas near LAX. Public transit route changes are also expected.

4. On May 31 Mayor Garcetti released the 3rd annual Green New Deal (GND) report.

  • The latest update to the report shows significant progress across Los Angeles' main sources of emissions: buildings, transportation, electricity, water, and waste.

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