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Responsibilities of all Board members

DRNC Board members work with local government to make it more responsive to stakeholder concerns, weigh in on issues that affect Del Rey, decide how to allocate a City-provided annual budget, and organize community events.

All Board members are expected to:

  • attend monthly Board meetings;

  • serve on at least one DRNC Committee (they generally meet once a month);

  • spend additional time outreaching to and supporting stakeholders; and

  • maintain up-to-date training and certifications on Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Funding (see below).

To be eligible to vote, each Board member must maintain up-to-date training and certifications on Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Funding.

Position-specific Duties and Responsibilities

For a more comprehensive description of Board Member duties, please see Articles V – VII of the DRNC By-laws.


  • Preside at all Board and Special meetings

  • Chair the Executive Committee which is responsible for setting the agenda for Board meetings

  • Appoint all Ad Hoc Committee Chairpersons

  • Present an annual report on the work of the DRNC

  • Have powers as are necessary to conduct Council business and proceedings


  • Serve as the acting President, assuming all the rights, privileges and powers of that office, in the event of the President’s absence or inability to carry out that office

  • Coordinate all the Area Directors

  • Oversee all the DRNC Committees

  • Act as chief liaison with other Neighborhood Councils and NC organizations


  • Maintain the records of the DRNC’s finances and books of accounts, and provide monthly detailed reports of these to the Board

  • Ensure compliance with City laws, City administrative rules, and the City’s mandate for the use of standardized budget and allocation requirements

  • Chair the DRNC Budget and Finance Committee


  • Be responsible for minutes of Board meetings

  • Receive and log all submissions and correspondence to the DRNC, and refer them to the appropriate Officer or Committee within 7 days

  • Monitor Board member attendance and voting eligibility

Communications Officer

  • Maintain the DRNC website and mailing list

  • Broadcast information and notices on DRNC website and other communication channels

Land Use Officer

  • Chair the Land Use and Planning Committee

  • Be the DRNC spokesperson for land use issues before all City land use entities

Outreach Officer

  • Chair the Outreach and Events Committee

  • Organize special events, including Del Rey Day

  • Work with Stakeholders, DRNC Officers and Committees to promote participation in Neighborhood Council activities

Area Director (each of the 8)

  • Outreach to, support and represent stakeholders in the designated area of directorship

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