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Bird Island/5000 Beethoven Street Project Update

Del Rey NC calls for an immediate stop to construction of the Bird Island Bridge

Earlier this year, the City of Los Angeles issued permits to allow for the construction of a bridge to Bird Island (aka 5000 Beethoven St) and construction on the bridge recently commenced. In accordance with its previous positions the DRNC, along with the DRRA and other community groups, are calling for an immediate stop work order and revocation of the permit.

The recent DRNC letter points out numerous concerns with the validity of the permit that demand immediate action by both Councilmember Traci Park and the various City Departments that issued the permit. Further, the community needs to understand and approve the type of structure to be built on the site before any bridge is built.

DRNC's February 2022 motion on the Bird Island project:

“The DRNC opposes the proposed bridge development project at 5000 Beethoven Street which is in direct conflict with the DRNC Community Plan Tenets from the section on Natural Space and Parkland. In the event the bridge is approved, the DRNC requests the applicant present the design of the bridge and any subsequent development to the Land Use Committee and Board.”

(photo credit: Jonathan Coffin)

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