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Community Input Needed: Business Recovery

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Many cities throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, are considering programs to re-purpose streets, parking lots, and sidewalks for certain public uses, such as socially distanced dining and fitness classes. Businesses need the ability to serve enough customers to remain economically viable while maintaining proper social distancing requirements. People need to get out of their homes to socialize, but with the assurance that they will be safe.

The Del Rey Neighborhood Council would like community feedback about these programs and will consider them at its June 11 meeting. While it will be up to the City to decide on specific areas, we would like to contribute to that decision by gathering feedback from both customers and business owners to see if there is an appetite in specific areas of Del Rey.

Here are some possible locations. If these are in your area, we would love to hear your thoughts, including suggestions for other potential locations.

  • Centinela from Short to Culver

  • Inglewood from Culver to Wagner

  • Maxella from Glencoe to Del Rey

  • Parking lot at Maxella and Glencoe

  • Parking lot on Braddock at Inglewood

  • Parking lot near intersection of McConnell and Culver

  • Parking lots on Washington Blvd near Glencoe

Please contact the Board ( or join its June 11 meeting to voice your opinion. At the June 11 meeting, the Board will consider supporting three LA City Council motions that are now pending before the Transportation Committee to explore these programs:

  1. Rodriguez/Bonin Motion:

    • asks Bureau of Engineering (BOE), Bureau of Street Services (BSS), and Department of Transportation (LADOT) to report on feasibility of allowing restaurants to use public right-of-way;

    • asks BOE and other departments to develop guidelines for outdoor dining;

    • asks for report on reimbursement of City costs by state and federal funds

  1. Buscaino/Rodriguez Motion:

    • asks City Attorney for ordinance that creates expedited and low-cost permit process for businesses and Business Improvement Districts to apply for temporary use of sidewalks, streets, public spaces for outdoor dining, exercise classes and other business operations

  1. Bonin/Rodriguez Motion:

    • asks LADOT and BOE to report on streamlined and affordable permitting process for restaurants to provide dine-in service in public right-of-way;

    • asks Dept of City Planning for possible temporary suspension of parking requirements and other codes to allow conversion of private parking lots to dining space at existing restaurants

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