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Food Bank at MVG


Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Del Rey Neighborhood Council (DRNC) has been working with residents of Mar Vista Gardens (MVG), the west side’s only public housing project, to help get healthy food to those in need. Now, that need is even greater, and the existing operations have been expanded and opened to those outside the community.

The Gomez Familia Food Bank has long been serving MVG residents with food and other needed supplies. The food bank recently became a distribution point for hundreds of LAUSD meals each day, with the DRNC  and other volunteers taking on pick-up (from Marina Del Rey Middle School) and delivery duties for children who otherwise cannot access LAUSD Grab-and-Go centers. The DRNC has also donated hundreds of dollars in bulk dry goods. Children’s books (courtesy of a community Literacy Club and DRNC Board Member Joslyn Treece) and informational flyers are now part of the packages. Masks provided by DRNC volunteers are also being handed out.

Further, Councilmember Mike Bonin’s office is sponsoring meals to be delivered to MVG seniors & residents with disabilities who are unable to safely leave their homes. DRNC volunteers are delivering this food once a week in close coordination with HACLA & the Mar Vista Boys & Girls Club.

DRNC leadership is pursuing additional ways to expand food options at Mar Vista Gardens; check back for more news in the coming days!

Our network of volunteers is dozens strong, but we are always in need of more. Contact us ( if you would like to join us.

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