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Message from your Council



Dear Neighbors,

It seems only yesterday and yet also a lifetime ago that we were going about our normal routines — be it casually going for groceries (sans face coverings or wait lines outside), eating at favorite restaurants, dropping off our children at their schools, attending community meetings or events, and a myriad of other activities while not thinking about toilet paper supplies.

We may be tired of hearing the word “unprecedented” even though there has never been a time when it was more appropriate;  the global impact and scope of the COVID-19 outbreak makes the word “unprecedented” somehow feel insufficient.

We hear and read the grim reports of daily death tolls, shortages of medical resources for treating the afflicted, and safety gear for healthcare workers; and of people in record numbers losing their jobs. Behind those numbers are individuals and familes grieving for a lost loved one, worrying about how to pay the rent or even put food on the table.

Yet amidst the dark, many rays of light have emerged — of individuals rallying together (while following physical distancing and other safety precautions) to support those in need: donating and delivering groceries to seniors and other vulnerable groups; lending a hand at LAUSD Grab & Go food centers; hand sewing facemasks for the community; or simply leaving cheerful messages or artwork outside their homes for passers-by to enjoy —  showing the best in us, uplifting us, and giving us hope that we will get through this crisis together.

Here in these pages, we are assembling information:  links to the latest reports and resources. We know that information abound elsewhere, but we hope to highlight the goings-on within our community of Del Rey. Let us know if there is something you would like to see here; as always, we welcome your voice and input.

Stay safe.
Your Del Rey Neighborhood Council

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