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Del Rey Family-Friendly (“Slow”) Streets

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

November 18, 2020 update: The LA City Council is considering a motion to make the Slow Streets Program permanent. Your feedback is important, so please give your comments to the DRNC Board by contacting us at or completing this survey. You can also submit comments directly to the City through the City Clerk’s public comment page for this motion.

  • Slow Streets report from the LA Department of Transportation

  • Track the City Council motion (CF 20-0838) to make Slow Streets Permanent

October 31, 2020 update: The Del Rey Slow Streets Program is now almost 6 months old. To better understand how the program is working and ways we can work with LADOT and the City to improve the experience, please take this short survey. We’re hoping to collect as many responses as we can by Thanksgiving. Thanks so much and we’ll see you in the (slow) streets!

May 23, 2020 update: Feedback from the community and in-person observations by DRNC Board members and City officials monitoring the streets led to some changes. Click on the map image below for the updated Slow Streets map. Click here for the old map.


At its April 9th, 2020 meeting, the DRNC Board passed a motion supporting a temporary network of “Slow Streets” in Del Rey to help residents stay safer at home and in the neighborhood during the COVID-19 emergency. Traffic volumes on some neighborhood streets would be reduced by limiting use to local residents, pedestrians and bicyclists. Parking and local access to homes on the proposed streets would still be allowed.

The April 9th Board motion did not specify the actual streets. Candidate streets were discussed at the April 16th Land Use and Planning Committee meeting. Outreach was conducted (via flyers posted around neighborhoods and on DRNC social media channels) to ask stakeholders for their input.

The pilot program will launch on May 15th, with StreetsLA and LADOT crews working in the morning to set up the traffic controls which are expected to be fully in place by the weekend.

(Click on image below for a map of Del Rey’s Slow Streets)

Your feedback is important! Please contact us ( or fill out a user survey that can be found at:, or you may go to the form directly here.

Important points:

  • Streets will remain open to vehicle traffic for local access, parking, deliveries, and emergency vehicles. Drivers are advised to slow down and expect people walking and rolling in the roadway.

  • No parking restrictions are part of the program.

  • All temporary closures adhere to the latest health guidelines, as outlined by the Mayor’s Safer at Home order and Los Angeles County public health guidelines.

  • The program is to continue as long as traffic is reduced due to COVID restrictions.

  • These street closures are intended for “active use” only, which means strict adherence to social distancing measures. Gathering of groups, barbequing, playing games that involve physical contact with others, or programming of any kind is prohibited. These streets should be treated like all other recently opened active recreation sites, including beaches and trails.

  • If safe physical distance is not practiced by users, the program will end.

  • Slow Streets are created through posting signage and barricades at key intersections.

  • Slow Streets will not be enforced by LAPD.

  • The DRNC will manage the day-to-day monitoring of this program, recommend changes, and work closely with LADOT and Streets LA to ensure compliance with all health guidelines.

(Click on file below for the Mayor’s letter)

Download PDF • 132KB

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